Septic Problem?

Failed drain field? Foul odors?
Water in yard or backing up into house?
Frequently pumping your septic tank?

Don’t spend $10,000+ to replace your leach field. Install a Septic Genie and restore it!

Septic Genie’s patented technology is guaranteed to: Restore your failed drain field, eliminate odors & wet spots, extend the life of your system, eliminate pumping.

Septic Genie Benefits:

  • Patented, Proven, Permanent Fix
  • Risk-Free Performance Guarantee
  • Eliminates Odors, Soggy Lawns & Backups
  • Simple DIY Installation
  • Fits Into All Septic Tanks
  • No More Pumping
  • Protects the Environment
  • Thousands of Happy Customers

We are here to help!

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Our experts will work with you to fix your problem – for life.


It worked for me!!

My family of 7 has lived in our country sub home since it was built 14 years ago. I had
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The yard looks like it did 15 years ago when we first bought the house

The genie is working great. Better than I could have imagined. The yard looks like it did 15 years ago
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A dream come true

My experience… in layman terms, is a dream come true. My septic system of twenty-plus years was in complete failure.
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